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22 Sep 2017 16:53:15
Has anyone else noticed Bellerin improved after the Ox left?

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22 Sep 2017 19:53:51
Or he's just now playing on the right side 😂.

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20 Sep 2017 11:52:39
Hi Eds.

I just saw the post about Ozil leaving. Is that something that is going to be happening or just a rumour? I really thought he would stay with the money we offered him.

And do you guys know if Alexis only wants to go to Man City or would he also go to Man United or somewhere else?

Thanks guys.

{Ed002's Note - Both will look to their options and if anyone were to stay it would be Oezil Sanchez has rejected a move to Monaco already and PSG's interest will have gone. That leaves Manchester City as very keen and potential interest from MU. But that is it right now and I think it unlikely Real Madrid would be an option.}

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17 Sep 2017 22:09:21
We are a much better team when ozil isn't in it he needs to leave, it was a breath of fresh air know he wasn't playing it was like having 11 men back in the pitch.

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14 Sep 2017 14:30:57
'Reports' saying Ozil wants to join Jose at United, is he as lazy as you're fans say he is or is he unfairly criticised at times?

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14 Sep 2017 14:59:51
He is unfairly criticised. Fans need to stop making him the scapegoat, its ridiculous. Lol but he won't go united that's for sure.

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14 Sep 2017 15:29:52
I think he Might just do that Ibraim mate, United or playing in Turkey are the most likely in my opinion but he will have a lot of options once available for free so possibly Barcelona Bayern or City too.

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15 Sep 2017 10:19:08
I don't think he his lazy. He is a gifted footballer with an abundance of talent. However, he is not suited to Arsenal because Wenger plays him out of position. He should play behind the front 3 in the middle, just like he does for Germany. He is not a right winger. Also when we we need to dig in and grind a win or even a draw, he goes missing so we play with 10 men. Our priority is to keep Sanchez - but seems unlikely.

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15 Sep 2017 17:12:06
Eds - has Ozil decided his future after this season, whether to continue with Arsenal or move on?

{Ed001's Note - I believe he is going, maybe even in January.}

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15 Sep 2017 17:39:53
Thanks a bunch Ed, ruined my day! haha

Ouch, definitely not what I personally hoped to hear as I think he is unfairly slagged off by fans and media. Also wonder if the fans' stick has contributed to his intention to depart, if it turns out to be true.

Eds, is a PL team in the mix? Or Turkey, as has been mooted in the rags?

Thanks again.

{Ed001's Note - off the top of my head I can't remember where he is going, I do remember it being abroad though.}

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15 Sep 2017 19:23:43
it's a daunting thought losing our two ⭐️ players in one season, i just hope we have suitable replacements in mind. It does not look good.

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16 Sep 2017 00:33:53
Replace Wenger is the suitable idea.

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12 Sep 2017 16:01:00
Hey Ed, there were a few players you said did not figure in the clubs future plans. NOt all of them were sold. Any idea what will become of the remaining lot?

Basically, I'm talking about Jack.


{Ed002's Note - I expect a loan in January for JW - Fenerbahce or possibly Trabzonspor look the most likely right now. Arsenal will also look to moving others on in January if they are still surplus to the needs.}

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12 Sep 2017 16:36:49
Thanks as always Ed, are you aware of Debuchy (still) being considered surplus? He might be of some use as the season progresses unless he/ the club have determined otherwise.

{Ed002's Note - Absolutely. After the failure of the Nice move, the screw up with Marseille and the offer of a loan to uninterested Rennes they will be happy to see him move on.}

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12 Sep 2017 16:41:33
Thanks - given the lack of market for his services, is there any real chance of that happening?

{Ed002's Note - Sure. He will leave in January or the the summer.}

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13 Sep 2017 06:48:02
Tomorrow night will clearly illustrate the future plans for both Debuchy and Wilshere. If either player isn't at least included in the matchday squad then they are clearly surplus to requirements. In respect of Debuchy his departure is a forgone conclusion and I would imagine it is only his £80,000 a week pay packet that is the reason we haven't moved him on. It questions Wenger's handling of his player who cost us £12m, plus £20m in wages over this 5 year deal and without checking I doubt he has played 50 matches. I would take the opportunity to play Wilshere in the EL and League Cup matches, as he will be extremely motivated and it gives one last chance to see f he had what it takes to remain at the club and remain fit. With Coquelin injured and Xhaka due a rest after international duty, it makes sense to play Wilshere alongside Elneny.

{Ed001's Note - I had to look it up because I was wondering how many appearances Debuchy has made. 23! Not even half the 50 matches you thought was a low figure. That is shocking.}

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13 Sep 2017 07:52:35
Thanks Ed001 - If Debuchy plays no further matches for us and remains on the payroll until the end of his contract, that equates to approx £1.3m per match!
What concerns me is when we bought him as a replacement for Sanga, he was keeping Sanga out of the French national team and I was thrilled to see him coming in as a replacement for the excellent Sagna, who I was sad to see leave, yet Wenger managed to play a part in his decline from being a top international RB, to the position where we can't even loan him out.
One of Wenger's problems is that he tends to select the same team, which means quality back ups rarely get a game. As a result they go off form, lose match fitness and become disgruntled. Even after relatively few matches this season, we haven't seen much of certain quality players, such as: Giroud, Walcott, Debuchy, Wilshere, Iwobi, Elneny and the superbly talented Nelson. We could select an experienced team tomorrow, without the likely starting 11 who will play against Chelsea. As many of the first 11 have recently played 2 international matches, perhaps this is an ideal opportunity to rest them anad allow other players to play. With League Cup and EL matches coming up thick and fast, this seems an ideal opportunity to give players much needed match time.

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13 Sep 2017 08:00:11
Debuchy was a huge hit when he first arrived then got injured and Belerin took his place.
The bloke has been a bit unfortunate and in hindsight with Belerin and Jenks signing him was a mistake but no one could have predicted Belerin would come from nowhere and do so well at the time.

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13 Sep 2017 10:50:05
Hi Gunner62 - I'm not sure signing Debuchy was a mistake as Jenkinson has never looked sufficiently talented to become a squad player at the club and has been jetisoned long ago. Unfortunately Debuchy suffered serious injury and Bellerin came through. However, I'm sure that a fit Debuchy would provide decent cover for Bellerin, who must be rested at some stage. The same goes for Wilshere who can provide cover for Cazorla and is as similar a player as you will get to deputise for the Spaniard.

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13 Sep 2017 19:48:00
RG, when we signed him and gave him this contract he was first choice but was unfortunate to lose his place to bellerin as G62 mentioned, so what Wenger can do here the contract was already signed. And his wage at the time sounded reasonable. You can't seriously blame wenger on every thing, yes he made mistakes on few contracts but this one you can't throw it at him too.

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13 Sep 2017 20:17:19
Hi RG Debuchy never joined us to be cover for anyone and we didn't sign him for that either, when he arrived Jenks was looking good and on the back of his good form won an England call up and who exactly was Hector Belerin? One of a host of young Arsenal hopefuls who at the time was more likely to join lots other young Arsenal hopefuls into obscurity as become a star.
No one could have predicted Debuchy injury and certainly not Belerins supersonic rise to stardom but one thing is for sure Debuchy didn't join Arsenal to be Belerins back up player.
Hindsight is a pretty widespread skill for predicting the past but pretty useless skill for anything else.
Unfortunately the Euromillions don't pay out on getting all last week's numbers right this week :-)

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10 Sep 2017 08:12:41
Someone tell me why the old man has been benching Kolasinac and Lazazette? Their performance was class.

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10 Sep 2017 09:30:01
Your not wrong sir, sometimes he is pretty slow to get the new guys in and they have a hard time settling in. Gabriel, xhaka, Perez even someone like Ox etc.

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10 Sep 2017 11:19:51
Plus he's extremely loyal to his players whether they deserve it or not.
Arsene is extremely slow to react to problems and weaknesses because he prefers to absolutely exhaust an opinion before he will change it.
Once he gives up on a player there is usually no way back for example Jack Gibbs and seemingly Walcott too now, he's extremely decisive, eventually :-)

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10 Sep 2017 17:26:03
Its a bit unfair to buy a player if you think he isn't good enough to play for you any day against any team when fit. Perez could have done a lot better if he was given half the faith wasted on players like Walcott.

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10 Sep 2017 19:02:59
True Gunner254 I always thought Perez looked deadly when given the chance, better fox in the box than anyone since oooh Franny Jeffers.

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10 Sep 2017 21:25:29
Gunner, I just think he's confused.

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11 Sep 2017 08:03:08
Totally baffled by the decision to leave the pair out, then again his team selections against Stoke and Liverpool were odd. Against Bournemouth the team was well balanced. However, I still don't like Monreal playing at CB and Ramsey alongside Xhaka. You will get away with these selections against weaker teams, but not against the likes of Chelsea when the 3 CB's should be Mustafi, Mertesacker and Koscielny, with Xhaka and Coquelin in DM, if fit. If not it might have to be Ramsey as Elneny doesn't full me with confidence defensively. WB's Bellerin and Kolasinac.

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12 Sep 2017 15:48:03
I seem to remember that monreal at cb worked ok last time we faced Chelsea. same goes for ramsey/ xhaka in midfield.

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03 Sep 2017 21:46:46
Hi folks, I'm a long time user of the site but rarely post. I've been a Gooner all my life (51 years) and have at various times been a season ticket holder - Arsenal rule my life! Just giving the transfer shenanigans a bit of distance, it occurred to me that the two Monaco players we had 'interest' in, Lemar and Mbappe, were not products of the Monaco youth system. Namely they were signed from other clubs. What happened to Arsene Wenger and his deep knowledge of the French market? Kante and Mahrez also went under his radar (or rather he was aware of them but did not act) . I truly feel that Wenger has absolutely nothing to offer Arsenal any more, nor has he for several years. Like most Gooners, I'm past being angry - I'm just hoping his departure comes a damn sight sooner than two years time. Like most I was hoping he'd go after our FA cup final win. against Hull!

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04 Sep 2017 00:36:26
One of the Esa said, wenger thought Kante to small and mahrez too lightweight.

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04 Sep 2017 01:46:50
Forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't the last French talent Wenger brought to lofty heights, Nick anelka. Agree with your post too. In the mean time missing the players you mentioned plus recently, greizman, Pogba, Coman and many others. We don't get the best French talent at arsenal.

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04 Sep 2017 01:57:41
Wengers big French hopes went up in smoke on the new anelka, aliadiere, diaby the next vierra and the piss de resistance Sanogoal.

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04 Sep 2017 12:37:50
Since Wenger first arrived Arsenal and used his knowledge of the French market to sign unknown players, other clubs have woken up and the competition for young talent is ferocious and the prices paid astonishing. Also, the competition for the PL has also increased, when he first arrived, it was us and Man U, since then Man City and Chelsea have joined the race for the PL. Even Liverpool have shelled out many millions to join the fray and smaller clubs such as Leicester and the toot have to be considered. This in turn means that it is very difficult to select young players for the first team. The most recent league winners Chelsea and Leicester have very few young players actually playing in the first team. At Arsenal we have still managed to being through and play the likes of Bellerin, Iwobi, Oxlade, Wilshere, Gibbs, etc. However, what chance has a superbly talented youngster such as Nelson, actually have of playing first team matches, when Arsenal will have immense problems playing internationals in the squad, some of which won't even make the bench in our next match.

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02 Sep 2017 21:43:00
Wilshere taking a dig at Wenger Ozil having a meltdown on social media and let's not talk about Sanchez but seriously what actually is going on?

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02 Sep 2017 23:32:11
In a word, meltdown.

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03 Sep 2017 09:05:37
If only we see the same attitude on the pitch as on social media.
Arsenal players love putting up a selfie but not so keen on putting in a shift.

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01 Sep 2017 09:23:33
That €100m "bid" for Lemar was horse manure.
No bid at all would be more accurate.
Sanchez will be a poison that will fester very quickly, I'm not optimistic for the season.

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01 Sep 2017 14:39:21
wishful thinking. maybe the reason Arsenal again this transfer window made profit when we were promised massive change in ambition and money to spend is because Stan's getting ready to sell. Maybe he's trying to suck every penny he can before he goes within the 2 seasons Wenger is in charge. Arsenal are going down a downward spiral and without CL this season and surely next, the clubs value must take a hit.

As I said wishful thinking. Would love your thoughts on this non factual theory Ed.

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01 Sep 2017 15:11:43
Hard to call him a poison. Really, the lad is a force of nature, and we obviously have a club that will not match his ambitions. He'll put in a shift, but won't be a world beater. Still more servicable than Elneny or whomever else.

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01 Sep 2017 17:19:04
Gg that's something we will find out in the coming months but for me you are actually missing the point by a mile as to where the poison as you put it lies.

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01 Sep 2017 09:22:51
Last seasons unsucessful buys perez, xhaka and mustafi together with the strong possibility of sanchez, ozil and wilshere leaving on frees is probably why we have made a profit. This was probably planned all along.

When wenger says things like "we need to stick together" and "my phone is red hot" on transfer day you know nothing will happen. you can tell some players are pissed with the situation.

A few have come out and said change is needed. This current lack of ambition unfortunately will continue while our current manager and board remain.

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01 Sep 2017 09:31:48
You don't fancy our chances of a premier league Europa league double then?

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01 Sep 2017 16:10:20
More chance of meeting the pope g62. Potentially the europa!

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