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02 Aug 2021 18:15:32
I'd like to see someone like Emerson of Real Betis fill the RB position. Don't think he'll be cheap though.

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02 Aug 2021 20:26:52
Got a game of Golf on tomorrow mate, hope I don't get the munchies and take the buggy out on the M25😁.

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02 Aug 2021 21:25:12
M25 is a long way from Northampton mate πŸ™ƒ.

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02 Aug 2021 22:44:02
See if you can find Kane while you are driving round Raver. Spurs have lost him, I believe he has a dust allergy and your trophy cabinet is causing him issues.

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02 Aug 2021 17:06:04
I have found my new team in the MLS, Philadelphia union who play at SUBARU park and their shirt sponsor is BIMBO lol, I have that car and haved banged many of bimbos 😎.

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02 Aug 2021 18:21:39
If only you were as funny as you think you are.

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02 Aug 2021 18:57:22
πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ My guess is you're a short, slightly fat, balding middle aged man with a tiny pecker πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

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02 Aug 2021 19:11:25
I can't physically cringe anymore! πŸ˜‚.

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02 Aug 2021 19:32:48
Too much botox Eden mate ?

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02 Aug 2021 19:45:59
So it's not just me then wondering what the feck is going on with this nonsense.

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02 Aug 2021 20:21:19
Sharpe you are Scottish say no more, they are all miserable and tight fisted in hagis land, your jealousy of the raver makes me chuckle 😘.

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02 Aug 2021 16:25:25
All I can see happening now until end of transfer deadline is settling some fine players and bringing odegaard in probably in loan to buy plus a back up gk.

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02 Aug 2021 15:43:12
Greetings and Salutations my fellow Gooners!

On the eve of a new season I must admit I'm excited!

As a fan base we know our issues, we know we likely won't finish top 4, we know we still have some clearing of our house to do


It's got to be better than last season right, lol

1. A full season of ESR and Saka. These 2 young men are the club. Both promising in talent and ripened with character. I look forward to their development and efforts this season.

2. Youth movement is loud and proud at Arsenal. From the 2 mentioned above our younger than 26 list includes Tierney, Gabriel, Holding, Chambers, White, Tavares, Sambi, Willock, Pepe, Martinelli, Nketiah (who may have been written off but has had a fantastic preseason) , Balogun, Saliba (who may seem on the outs today, but he's 19 and who knows what tomorrow's future holds) , AMN and Reiss

3. We're not done shopping yet. By all indications a RB, a No 10, possibly a Keeper and a Striker may all be in the cards over the next 30 days.

4. Solid veteran presence. Auba, Lacca, Partey and Xhaka who despite their inconsistencies last season have demonstrated a strong bond with their younger teammates. I believe this will serve us well this season and moving forward.

The facts are that were an 8th place club, a place we as a fan base are not accustomed too, but it is the reality we face.

I hope over the next month we move on from Reiss, AMN, Bellerin, Torreira, Lacca (if a fair deal can't be found moving forward) and use these funds to address in particular a RB and a No 10.

I pray that Auba starts earning his contract and armband. There's no questioning his talent but his desire is surrounded with many marks of uncertainty.

I pray Arteta learns fro his mistakes instead of being stubborn in formation, tactics and lineup.

I pray that Pepe continues his run from last season and validates his Β£72M fee. I believe he will be our Player of The Year, and this will be the season he ascents into a world class winger.

I pray that Leno doesn't get thrown under the bus. It's clear that Martinez was the right keeper to hold on too, that playing out from the back will never be his strength, but I believe there's still a fantastic keeper here!

And finally I pray that we as a fanbase enjoy our return to The Emirates and being present on Match Day to support our lads for.

It's Arsenal FC, the GREATEST football club the world has ever seen!

Gunners4Life, In Arteta We Trust!

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02 Aug 2021 16:04:49
Great post Bronze. Love the Enthusiasm, and a lot of your points are fair. Just hope it bears fruit. A pre-season has hardly ever shaped the outcome of the upcoming season, just hope the mistakes are mainly sorted out before the serious stuff. Definitely a sink or swim Season, not only for Arteta, but handful of players and board members as wellπŸ‘.

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02 Aug 2021 16:16:55
Well said mate.

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02 Aug 2021 17:08:08
Excited lol you haven't won a match in pre season, it's like the raver being in Amsterdam to find out the brothels have shut.

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02 Aug 2021 17:19:37
To be fair raver, brothels only shut in Amsterdam when you're in town, even they've got image to maintain, and even they can't afford to let standards slip 😘.

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02 Aug 2021 17:33:37
They bang the windows like mad when the raver hits Amsterdam 😘.

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02 Aug 2021 19:03:22
Thanks for the positive post bronze, I usually leave this site depressed after reading all the negativity.

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02 Aug 2021 22:47:01
All I ask for Bronze is that we see a young, hungry team out there every week who can play some nice football. To that end, I've really liked what I've seen from our signings so far and from our local lads like ESR, Saka and Willock.

We do that, and I'll be happy. Putting up consistent results takes time, but the green shoots of progress is all I need. If we can't enjoy football on a game-by-game basis, why are we bothering with it in the first place?

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03 Aug 2021 01:36:00
Bronze that was a platinum post. We've got a tough start and going to need good energy. I hope this season is a great one and will back the team all the way, the caveat being that no European football offers no hiding places. Arteta MUST deliver by end of October re progress, an identifiable style of play and progressive and smart picks in his 11. I hope he can do that otherwise the Emirates won't be a happy place.

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03 Aug 2021 02:49:20
If we're negative during preseason and before a real 90 starts this is going to be a downrot difficult season

When you move on from a legendary figure like Arsene it takes years to turnover the roster, to clear the air of his presence, and to come to face reality that those great summers days of invincibility are long gone.

This is a competitive business and no football league top to bottom is more competitive than the Premier League

All of this coupled with an Ownership group that is the antithesis of Chelsea, City and United can leave even the most optimistic Arsenal supporter frustrated.

But my outlook is based on what I believe is a fantastic young core, we may not have a Mbappe or a Haaland or even a Grealish but I like our depth and quality of our youngster's.

We've gone from being Invincible to 8th but I like the cut of our youth and I'd prefer to be positive and optimistic than to write the season off before a kick off has occured!

Pleasure to chat gentlemen, I look forward to many interesting conversations throughout the season!


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02 Aug 2021 14:49:44
Granit Xhaka is going to Pirlo us into the top 4, you all know it. Class season from him ;)

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02 Aug 2021 19:37:54
Plus Leno will break the record for most clean sheets kept and least goals conceded during season, it's all so obvious Glen mate πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’.

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02 Aug 2021 20:24:32
Based on recent seasons, the best way for Xhaka to add points to our total is to either sit on the bench, or to go elsewhere.

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02 Aug 2021 12:22:02
One of many things I've taken from the last 2 friendly games is that we need another goalkeeper. Leno has looked awful still playing out from the back and only has 2 years left on his contract.

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02 Aug 2021 13:23:23
EMI? :D.

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02 Aug 2021 13:29:05
Yep agreed 16 but we know which keeper we should have got rid of - even M Ryan looked better . The Leno issue is a real scratch of the head moment.

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02 Aug 2021 14:15:20
D16 don’t forget striker as well. We have scored four goals in the three pre-schedule friendly games and only one striker got on the score sheet being Nketiah.

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02 Aug 2021 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 1st August 2021

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01 Aug 2021 23:36:28
Welcome to The Arsenal, Mika Biereth.

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02 Aug 2021 07:48:21
🀣🀣 that was announced 3 days ago Wes, not your normal prompt notification lol.

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