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20 Mar 2024 07:47:23
We in for Gyokeres?

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20 Mar 2024 12:10:04
Probably going to Chelsea as osimhen looks like he won't be joining them and they got the money and good relations with sporting.

20 Mar 2024 18:43:25
I reckon it goes like this - Osimehn to Arsenal and Toney to Chelsea. That’s only if Chelsea sell big as they are deep deep trouble with profit/ loss rules.

27 Mar 2024 02:35:54
Kimono’s, how are Chelsea in big trouble when they’ve said to Napoli they’re happy to pay his €130m buy out in full? Also looking at €50m for Diomande in full too. Think they’re also linked with the Valencia GK etc
Regardless of whether you agree with their signings/ model, I can’t imagine the money men are stupid enough to flagrantly exceed the PSR rules, so I imagine they have the situation well in hand.

29 Feb 2024 11:43:44
Lots of chatter about us going back for Mudryk, even the Athletic hypothesising about it.

I reckon it might work what do you all think?

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath - or do you expect Gabriel Martinelli to depart?}

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29 Feb 2024 13:04:52
Absolutely not Ed .

01 Mar 2024 01:38:16
James McNicholas says all indications point to the ship having sailed from Arsenal's POV. Given the scale of the contract he's on, I doubt Chelsea would want anything less than what they paid for him.

It is also worth considering how utterly inept he has looked from a tactical perspective. I doubt Arteta believes that it's all coaching, there may be a lack of ability to follow instructions.

What do you think about Mudryk given the year he's had Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - Mykhaylo Mudryk (LW) Chelsea rejected an offer of him going on loan to Bayern Munich in January and Napoli asked about him being part of an exchange for a player. Chelsea will talk to the player, whose family is now in England, before the summer. He was unsettled whilst his family was still in Ukraine but that has now been resolved.}

01 Mar 2024 15:36:08
I think he has great potential but he needs lots of coaching to maximise it. I'd agree he's not needed here because of Martinelli.

01 Mar 2024 16:33:25
He can also play as an attacking mid I read but we have plenty of options there atm.

03 Mar 2024 07:57:46
Not sure if it's something anyone would know. But we tried to sign him when we already had martenelli so what would the difference be now. Unless arteta wasn't sure on martenelli at the time.

11 Mar 2024 10:59:03
Tbf D16 after we missed out on Mudryk, we did sign Trossard, so I guess then we wanted cover and competition for Martinelli which we have now.

15 Mar 2024 14:03:13
Aside from a couple of recent good goals, he has been terrible for Chelsea. For me, he can stay there.

29 Feb 2024 09:41:58
Ed002 reports we are interested and scouting gyokeres, are we interested? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Viktor Gyokeres (S) After only joining in the summer Sporting have no interest in selling but fear a club could simply pay his €100M buy out clause in full and try to persuade him to move. Sporting fear Chelasea may do that and have avoided the subject during discussions over another player and a separate issue. He has attracted scouts representing Manchester United and Arsenal.}

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14 Mar 2024 14:20:08
Wild that a player who was at Coventry last season (scoring every three games) is now worth €100M.

21 Feb 2024 15:01:46
Ed002, are Arsenal interested in Ederson da Silva, at Atalanta?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any Arsenal interest and they have other targets.}

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20 Feb 2024 13:18:45
Ed002 are we interested in palh8nha for the summer?

{Ed002's Note - He would not be first choice - and would be very expensive.}

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16 Feb 2024 12:59:18
Edoo2 are Barcelona interested in signing martinelli?

{Ed002's Note - He is on a long list of wingers they are looking at but not first choice, likely not available and perhaps too expensive.}

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15 Feb 2024 22:07:37
Hi Ed002, Great updates on Mbappe and Sesko. Has anything changed on Victor Osimhen?

{Ed002's Note - He will almost certainly join Chelsea in the summer.}

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18 Feb 2024 12:41:40
Ed002 what is the latest on toney? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing has changed as far as I know. He will almost certainly move in the summer.}

15 Feb 2024 20:29:52
Good evening Ed, are arsenal interested in mbappe or will he be way out of our pay grade thanks Ed.

{Ed002's Note - Kylian Mbappe (S) Wants to move to Real Madrid but for them the financial outlay on the overall package could be too much this coming summer unless they can make significant space in the wage structure. They have made him an offer giving them time to reshape their squad if he agrees a move. There is an outside chance they will look to a deal in January and if they do they look to include a player or two in any deal. PSG would demand Rafa Marin and one of Rodrygo Goes or Vinicius Jr plus a lower fee. It would suit all parties and avoid an auction for obscene wages in the summer - but the player will likely not be open to that. A take it or leave it offer of €130 million signing-on fee, alongside wages of €80 million net per year has been offered by PSG to stay - although Mbappe's representatives are demanding a salary of €75M net a year - so after tax - and €150M signing on fee. Real Madrid will offer perhaps half the wages and will try and negotiate a signing on fee. Image rights will be traded to try and make this work. Al-Hilal had a huge €300M offer rejected and the player may see it as too early for such a move, but they could offer the huge wages being demanded. Newcastle would not realistically be in a position to buy him and any interest from them can be discounted whilst their owners plan to take him directly to Saudi. Realistically, Madrid, Middle East, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, if they could clear significant wages from the books, are the only viable options although Juventus have a significant tax advantage over the other clubs, but the costs are still huge and they can be discounted. Chelsea could look to striking a deal including a player PSG are interested in but it is likely they will not be offering the desired wages and bonuses – but they could look for a solution - although I think it unlikely. Bayern Munich have added Harry Kane and have other priorities for the summer. Manchester United could potentially move for Mbappe if the ownership issue is completed soon but for now they are concentrating on others and it is unlikely the majority owners would agree to such a financial commitment; and advice being provided to the player would be to ignore any interest from there. Manchester City have a priority to tie down Haaland and remove a clause in his contract that will allow him to leave in the summer at a fixed fee – and they know there is interest in the player – if he were to decide to leave, then Mbappe will become a consideration. I do not see Arsenal or Liverpool committing to such a huge signing on fee, huge cost of wages and bonuses to be able to sign Mbappe. PSG hope that the situation forces Mbappe to invoke a one year extension - and that seems most likely if he does not agree to Real Madrid.}

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15 Feb 2024 23:32:47
Incredible summary, thanks ed002.

Also an incredible snapshot of the excesses of modern football, incidentally.

13 Feb 2024 17:21:53
Ed002 is it it true we are looking at sesko?

{Ed002's Note - Benjamin Sesko (S/F) RBL could be offered a quick profit. His agent has not stopped offering the player around since his move to RBL. Described by a well known ex-Premier League player and high-end scout as "raw but improving". Was on the list for Spurs as a potential Kane replacement and Newcastle enquired. Chelsea spoke with his agent but have preferred options but shpu;d not be discounted. Milan offer an option as a potential Giroud replacement. A wildcard may be either Manchester United or Arsenal.May be available in the summer.}

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14 Feb 2024 20:58:25
Milan are going to regret selling Giroud in 5 years.

01 Feb 2024 09:20:11
Morning Edoo2, can we expect any incoming's today?

Thanks for all your information.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, many, many players.}

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01 Feb 2024 17:12:22

27 Jan 2024 09:08:54
Morning Edoo2

Any news in transfers in or out?

Have a good weekend.

{Ed002's Note - Fabio Vieira (AM) Marseille and Monaco have discussed a loan with Arsenal.}

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28 Jan 2024 00:00:08
Has he fallen out of favour at arsenal. Ever since he got that stupid red card we've not seen him.

28 Jan 2024 10:16:07
He had groin surgery at the end or November.

28 Jan 2024 19:38:05
Think he's further away from the first team than his competitors - ESR and Havertz particularly - so this could be a good move for everyone.


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