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12 May 2020 10:11:03
Hi Ed, do you know if arsenal are interested in Adrien Rabiot? There's reports of him being linked to arsenal on load because Juventus don't want him?

{Ed002's Note - Adrien Rabiot (CM/DM) sick of the whining already - but could potentially be offered as part of an exchange could be offered as part of a deal for Pogba or another.}

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12 May 2020 11:15:20
Thanks ed.

14 May 2020 13:21:01
Ed any idea of Saka is signing a new contract? And is there nothing new will Aubameyang because he’s not being linked to clubs anymore. thanks pal.

{Ed002's Note - I have little or no interest in contracts but one thing which is coming more and more common is kids wanting guarantees of game time. He should stay where he is for now. Aubameyangadingdong will have no shortage of options.}

14 May 2020 15:39:47
Thanks Ed.

06 May 2020 09:11:49
Hi Ed has any changed with Thomas Partey? There's so many reports saying that he wants to join, any idea if it's true or if anything has changed?

{Ed002's Note - Thomas Partey (DM) Atletico Madrid are not looking to let him leave but AM are in a significant debt issue and know that Llorennte, Saul, Partey and Lemar are the options to open up the opporunity to raise money - yet the interest of sides is a light year from serious. They may be able to ease the immediate strain with the help of Chelsea. Manchester City have had a discussion about Saul but he could easily be priced out of a move. I am not aware of anything changing in respect of Arsenal making an approach to Atletico for the player.}

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06 May 2020 09:46:33
Thanks Ed, I think we all know it’s unlikely because we don’t have the money.

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal need to raise money by selling - if they do wish to look to TP then they might need to look to persuade Atletico to accept Lacazette (who they are interested in - but not first choice) as part of the deal.}

06 May 2020 13:39:49
Thanks Ed, I thought so.

30 Apr 2020 09:22:53
Ed02 seen rumours that we are interested in Gabriel Veron and Malang Sarr. Is there any truth to these rumours? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Gabriel Veron (RW) kiddie from Barzil that ths been watched at youth-level by plenty of European sides with Everton and Braga turned away from the door in January and a very steep asking price. Edu has certainly looked at the kid a few months ago but Arsenal do not have that sort of money to spend on a youth player who cannot move this year unless the transfer window is moved. Barcelona and another side have looked to a deposit and leaving him where he is for another year.

Malang Sarr (CB/LB) is in talks with Bayer Leverkusen about a move and Borussia Mönchengladbach has also declared an interest. RB Leipzig have another who seen as a Dayot Upamecano replacement but have Sarr in mind as an alternative.}

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30 Apr 2020 10:31:47
Cheers Ed. Are you aware of any other players in Brazil we are interested in because it’s seems to be a market that we’re exploring?

{Ed002's Note - It is no more than where Edu is from and he has little enough to do. They have the option to add Pablo Mari. Wasting time on Walce who would not get a Work Permit etc. is not doing the club any favours. They don't seem to be able to sort out their management mess, are going nowhere in the league, spent their savings last summer and are now very much stuck.}

29 Apr 2020 14:18:55
Hi Ed, you most recently said arsenal want Aubameyang to stay, reports yesterday were saying he has done a U turn and now wants to stay. Has anything changed since you last told us that he will be leaving?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of anything having changed to make him sign a new contract.}

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29 Apr 2020 15:00:57
Thanks Ed, probably click-bait.

{Ed002's Note - People can change their mind.}

23 Apr 2020 22:16:09
Hi Ed,

There had been interest in Ozil from Al Sadd. Is there still interest?


{Ed002's Note - No.}

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24 Apr 2020 16:08:38
Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks anyway ed.

18 Apr 2020 10:51:54
Ed 02 are we interested in any home grown players? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I can think of.}

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18 Apr 2020 11:17:51
It makes no sense Ed. It’s another big problem we are going to have unless we sell a lot of non home grown players and replace them with youth.

{Ed002's Note - Much of it is driven by cost - Maddison, as an example, would cost double that of an equivalent from mainland Europe.}

18 Apr 2020 13:00:02
Maybe we should take risks on players like Maddison before they move to clubs like Leicester. We take risks on players like Pepe for big money.

20 Apr 2020 16:43:29
Wouldn't an easier and less expensive solution be to continue to cultivate some of the young talent that we have? I have been really please with the play of our lads (Saka, Willock, Nelson, Nketiah) and hope there is m ore to come (Smith Rowe, John-Jules) . Wish one or two were solid defenders, but with Saliba, Mari, Holding (and maybe Disasi) , things could look great in the middle.

20 Apr 2020 16:45:57
And I still think Pepe is class. WE might have payed over the odds, but he is a creative spark that has done well enough in a first season. He's on an upward trajectory and has great movement, one on one is very very difficult to defend and has a very respectable goals and assists tallies for the amount of time he has spent on the pitch. If you expected him to win the Ballon d'or this year, your expectations were too high.

23 Apr 2020 10:29:24
I think with Pepe it is important to keep in mind that he has very rarely played on the RW with a natural RB behind him (I. E Bellerin) - attacking fullbacks help a lot with creating space for the wingers by drawing away opposition fullbacks/ wingers on defence. More often than not Pepe has had either Sokratis, Chambers, or AMN behind him this season, and has meant he is often in 2 v 1 situations vs the opposition full back and winger. I think we will see a much more free and even more dangerous Pepe next season with a natural RB behind him.

15 Apr 2020 18:28:15
Hi Ed, I saw your most recent post about Thomas Partey. I wanted to see if there's an update, so many newspaper outlets in Spain are saying arsenal have made an offer.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any change with Thomas Partey in respect of Arsenal.}

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15 Apr 2020 19:20:49
Thanks Ed, he’ll probably sign a new deal.

{Ed002's Note - Will he, OK.}

15 Apr 2020 21:28:00
One thing is for sure, we don’t have the money to sign him!

16 Apr 2020 02:24:26
How about the availability of Lacazette? You said he’s settled now on an earlier post but do arsenal want him off the books?

{Ed002's Note - Alexandre Lacazette (S) wanted a new start elsewhere but seemed to have settled before the season was halted. I have no idea what Arsenal want, and neither do many of the players seemingly. It would not be a surprise if he were to leave if a suitable buyer could be found - but interest in him has been slim.}

16 Apr 2020 07:07:25
Ed i know you said we are full on centre backs but do we have an interest in Axel Disasi?

{Ed002's Note - The summer after Disasi turned 18 Arsenal were advised to buy him by a scout they have since sacked but he left Paris for Reims. He would certainly bbe cheap but Arsenal have as we know been looking around the bottom of the market even though they are overrun with CBs and have Holding back fit now and Saliba arriving. Everyday there seems to be another story about Arsenal and second rate CBs (the likes of Walce and Matviyenko). It seems like buying for the sake of it, but there has been previous interest in him so it is possible. Not Home Grown which is perhaps where the club should be looking.}

16 Apr 2020 07:57:46
Ed’s reply brilliant.

16 Apr 2020 11:14:58
Same, thanks Ed, great reply!

{Ed002's Note - Don't forget how close Arsenal are to the non HG limit of 17 players. Right now there are 16 NHG of 17 over 21 allowed:

Alexandre Lacazette
Bernd Leno
Cedric Soares (Loan)
Dani Ceballos (Loan)
David Luiz
Granit Xhaka
Kieran Tierney
Lucas Torreira
Matteo Guendouzi
Mesut Oezil
Nicolas Pepe
Pablo Marí (Loan)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Sead Kolasinac
Shkodran Mustafi

16 Apr 2020 12:33:06
This might indicate that we will push to offload a few players isn’t it Ed? Do you have a list of HG players arsenal are looking at?

{Ed002's Note - I think you are expecting far more changes than there will actually be. Right now Arsenal have money issues as I have explained. These came from stupidity and paying well over the odds for a player. They have the additional problem of other non-HG players returning from loan - Konstantinos Mavropanos (yest another CB), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (who Arsenal need to reduce the asking price for), Mohamed Elneny (if the option is not taken up). Add to that I expect another non-HG player in Layvin Kurzawa to arrive as a free agent, it is clear the club is in a mess with players, with finances and with the management structure. The club will have no European football next season and are still stuck in mid table. They should be looking at shoring things up and certainly not just buying for the sake of it.}

16 Apr 2020 13:15:38
Thanks Ed, you know how to brighten up my day. :)

{Ed002's Note - The club needs to sort itself out.}

16 Apr 2020 13:49:37
It’s frustrating Ed because there’s obviously something wrong so why aren’t they doing anything about it, unless it’s hard to sort out or something, it’s just annoying mate.

{Ed002's Note - I appreciate it is difficult for Arsenal supporters but it is a giant self-inflicted wound.}

17 Apr 2020 03:25:54
Transfers window is miles away, so anything can change, but seems going by media that arsenal are trying to get a player in any aubamayang deal. Latest linked is Griezmann if he were to go Barca. Arsenal would need to add money to that deal obv but is Griezman a player of interest to Arsenal?

{Ed002's Note - Someone is reasing you about Griezmann moving to Arsenal I am afraid. Barcelona are willing to use Griezmann in an exchange and Inter Milan were approached about using him as part of the deal for Martinez but Inter cannot afford his wages. PSG is a different matter and they can afford his wages, but it is unclear if the desire is there to take him and it is still unclear what will happen regarding the coach. Arsenal is not part of any of this right now.}

11 Apr 2020 21:43:02
Ed, what is likely to happen with Ceballos?

For the life of me, I still don’t understand why we didn’t keep Ramsey.

{Ed002's Note - Real Madrid want him sold and options are being explored but the preferred destination of Real Betis may be an issue financially.}

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