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06 Oct 2019 11:37:15
The speculation about Özil is another issue dividing us online fans in line with our prejudice it seems.

Purely on the football side of it, I've no issue with him leaving. Emery is addressing our creativity positively, whether you agree with the direction he's choosing is another thing. We're playing to be creative down the channels, with options to go to the line and cross, or cut back to shoot or pass into space. We needed to change our attacking style, as well as our defensive system, as under Wenger we'd become far too predictable and easy to frustrate. It looks like young players like Nelson, Pepe and Saka are going to get to prove their worth this season, as Özil is no winger. In midfield, he can't play that deep and contribute effectively. Its the right time for him to leave. If only there was an easier way out for both him and the club!

Gunner Ned



23 Sep 2019 21:10:06
I've finally watched the highlights of the villa match. It's hard to take the crowd on here very seriously honestly. Only Steve has attempted to be pleased about winning, and what's more, making a comeback with 10 men.

Definitely not perfect at the club currently, but the populism of looking for all the negatives is crazy. A few things that come to mind, out of many. Firstly talk of how PEA's reaction after the winner showed he's had enough, and the players are losing faith. I just watched it, and only the desperate would see anything other than adrenaline and celebration. I'm definitely missing something otherwise. Papering over cracks, after our win in frankfurt, is another partisan nonsense sentiment. A great result means nothing, because it could have been different? Our defence is, to put it mildly, a work in progress, but every team has cracks. Tell me about one that doesn't? Papering over them is sometimes the point, not the criticism. Certainly confidence plays a part in a team covering its weaknesses. We've three returning defenders who we are yet to see if they make a difference too.

So what it comes down too normally is that either I'm an idiot for not seeing what you lot see, or I'm some kind of fervent Emery enthusiast. If Emery gets some traction with our defence, then that's perfect, and I don't particularly see its impossible. After that, if we have a good season, despite a bad defence, I'm a happy fan as well. If we have a crappy season, then Emery goes at the end of his contract, and we start making a sensible decision on the next manager ready for the summer. It's certainly not a disaster. It's just football!

Very much looking forward to being ignored, yelled at, or even discussed with. We're 6 games in, you don't know what the league holds till December. I'm enjoying this season, and happy to say so.

Gunner Ned

1.) 23 Sep 2019 21:50:28
Couldn't agree more. Read this page often, but to be fair its becoming arduous task with all the negativity from what can only be described as keyboard warriors.

2.) 23 Sep 2019 23:52:07
Ned, people all see it differently or how they want to see it, i do and i have been accused i do by people, who think they dont, when really they do. It really in truth can go both ways at the moment, a couple of defeats and Emerys head is on the block, a couple of wins and we could be in a quite healthy position.

Some people at the moment are seeing the nedatives and just raming them home. There have neen and are a lot of negatives at the moment and that's as you say just football. I thought the comeback after the dire situation has just been lost by a few. Last week, i thought the second half was one of the worst ever but i have to say this weeks second half in the circumstances, was up there with one of the best.

Im not enjoying the open way we play, the persistence in xhaka and the usual mistakes but at the moment we are in an ok position in the league. When that changes, i will change also because there are problems that need addressing and if they aren't we won't carry on challenging for 3rd and 4th. People on here won't like this but Sunday proved the players are still fighting for the cause.

The youth that Emery is introducing are playing for him, its just the older ones that need to step up and start using their heads a bit more. If they don't both they and Emery will be gone. If they do we may have a good season. However we have done it we have had one defeat so far, matched or bettered only by 4 other teams. When or if that changes, then things will be horrible.

Until then i enjoyed the comeback on Sunday. Its the situation for the people who didn't for them to deal with how they feel. I repeat, i don't like the way we defend, if it isn't addressed heads will roll but i won't go mardy because we got a win, just yet.

3.) 24 Sep 2019 06:14:22
Steve, you raise a lot of good points but I have to say the youth really seem to credit Freddie. Freddie’s done an awesome job with them and has to take a huge slice of credit. Emery was gifted the attack and only had to sort out the defence, tactics and midfield. He’s the coach and strutting like a peacock.

4.) 24 Sep 2019 08:37:33
If people are happy to sneak a draw at Watford despite being totally outplayed and also happy to sneak a home win against Vila then who am I to tell them they are not allowed to be happy with it.
Fo me it's exactly like it was under Arsene and I never understood then how people could be happy watching the team get exposed week after week in exactly the same way because Arsene simply refused to change his methods or leave out his favored players, I wasn't happy with Arsene making us a laughing stock so I obviously not happy with Emery doing exactly the same but just a little worse.
To each their own I totally respect that, I personally hoped for a huge improvement defensively when Arsene was replaced so obviously I'm absolutely gutted with what Emery serves up each and every week, but then again if I didn't enjoy Arsene doing it I'm hardly likely to enjoy Emery doing a poor imitation of Arsenes last 10 years am I?

5.) 24 Sep 2019 09:38:47
This 'Emery is the same as Wenger' argument is something you've created G62, I simply don't buy it.

6.) 24 Sep 2019 10:08:00
Cool Ned it's a free market and purchase isn't compulsory mate :-)
Please enlighten me where they are different? Rather with 5 3 than 1 0, incapable of sorting out or building a defence worthy of the name, play Xhaka regardless of anything he does or fails to do over and over again.
Where's the difference Ned mate?

{Ed047's Note - I thought it was the press and pundits highlighting that there has been no change defensively at Arsenal from the end of Wengers era to Emery’s reign, not your good self mate.

Pundits are actually openly laughing at our defending.

It’s like Sarri having Kante and not playing him in his best position, why?

We bring in Torreira but don’t utilise his best assets.

Emery is widely known for his inability to set out a decent defence so it will be interesting to see the difference Bellerin, Holding and Tierney have.

There was a lot of happy people when he hooked Xhaka against Villa too.

7.) 24 Sep 2019 10:55:17
It will be interesting to see what difference the 3 injured players returning makes Ed047 mate, for me there is absolutely no way we have the worst defensive player quality in the league but yet we continue to be a laughing stock that pundits journalists and rival fans love to to laugh at, if our players quality isn't the worst yet we perform the worst then who's responsibility is it if not Emerys? Mine, yours Arsenes or maybe Stans as he's of course.
Jurgen Klopp gets the plaudits because of what his team performs and Jose got the sack because of what his United team performed, why are Arsenal managers immune from the same yardstick all other managers are gauged by? It's always puzzled me that.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t want to beat down on Emery, I’d love him to be a success but 12 months in we look as woeful defensively as we’ve ever been.

You see Fernandinho, Fabinho and Kante play for their respective clubs and think we have Torriera, why on earth are we not making the best of his skill set.

I love Guendouzi, but appreciate he’s still young, but he and Torriera in front of our back 4 would make sense to me, to protect our back four and feed either Ceballos or Ozil who in turn supply Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette.

Liverpool play Salah, Mane and Firmino whilst City play Aguero, Sterling and Silva so it’s possible to have a great front 3 and still be organised.

Xhaka and Luiz are a nightmare, Xhaka can’t tackle and Luiz in our penalty is likely to do anything.

Bellerin, Holding, Sokratis and Tierney with Ceballos, Torreira and Guendouzi in front of them.

Then and this is where it’s down to Emery, drill them, train them whatever it takes get them organised. How they are not already is a mystery. In excess of 12 months for the players to know a system and shape you want to play, who needs to do what and cover who.

Why does that not appear to be happening.

Finally it was a great come back win against Villa with 10 men, it is great to have only lost one game and sit in the top four but it’s just not great to see us with this horrible soft underbelly.

8.) 24 Sep 2019 10:57:23
Pointing out that they play some of the same players, in defiance of your opinion, or that some results have been the same isn't particularly damming G62. They both coats when it's raining, but Emery is better at zipping them up, must mean Emery is different and better! Emery brings passion to his coaching that was depressingly lacking in Wenger's final years. He's removed the dull passing for its own sake that made us so stale, and we have a much more rounded and dynamic attack now. He's actually playing our promising youth to see if they can make it, rather than starving them till they stop progressing, or make a move to another club. Wenger insisted on dominating our transfer structure so that we had the yearly bemusement of bargain buys supporting another expensive midfielder, Emery at least doesn't do that, even if he has no proper say.

That's just off the top of my head. And Ed 47, who gives the opinion of the TV hacks and tabloid rats any opinion at all? As bad as the super agents for the game I think.

{Ed047's Note - Ned they are analysing our games on TV they are showing how woeful defensively we are mate, they are not making that up.

It’s a huge concern that we look worse at the back than ever.

That is pretty much the one MASSIVE thing we wanted to change, I love it that the young guns are getting their chance and the other positives you point out but that one negative is a biggy and frustrates the life out of me to be honest.

9.) 24 Sep 2019 12:04:58
Of course we all love the young players not only getting a chance but also taking those chances so brilliantly, as for Arsene playing with his coat, well that wasn't the reason people wanted him out it was his stubbornness and inability or unwillingness to build train organise a defence that didn't get totally exposed week in week out.
Of course all fans love a manager who is animated and passionate but in reality that's a bonus not a necessity as I don't remember anyone moaning about Arsenes lack of enthusiasm when we were at our breathtaking best during his first 8 seasons.
If our next manager brings up defensive stability from which we can build true success again I couldn't care less if he sits in the stands like a statue totally devoid of all emotion.
It's how the team performs on the pitch that matters and all else is pretty much by the by.
14 months playing months into Emery replacing Arsene and we somehow look even worse in midfield and defence and I genuinely thought that was impossible.
I personally find it difficult to watch us get totally exposed every week still as we have for years even if we do nick a result as with Watford and Vila.



13 Sep 2014 04:19:16
I feel there is a bit of a ball rolling on the issue of our 'weak' midfield against teams like City and Chelsea, so I just wanted to counter a few points. Not attacking anyone about it, it's just how we see the game in the end.

There is the idea that we needed a player brought in to take up the role of defensive midfielder; in the sense that he's a physical unit, won't be bullied or intimidated, in fact taking that to the opposition, and will allow our forwards to express themselves without restraint. I have problems with this in that there is a lot of fear and negativity floating around about our prospects without this person, and a lot of anger towards Wenger and the management for not signing this person.

First things are that I followed all the stories about targets for this position, and come the end of the window I was left wondering who we should have signed? Schneiderlin was blocked, Rabiot was not a defensive player and not first team anyway, Carvalho was in a sense untried, and damn expensive, Bender was not moving, Pogba/Vidal never moved and were really expensive if they had, Khedira was a huge saga, and that was proved a wise decision with his obvious fitness struggles. I think we all wanted a player in, but then even this list is full of very different types of footballers, so what did we actually want? When Khedira seemed likely the talk was about how we could run two box to box guys with Rambo/Wilshire. We were excited that Carvalho was a beast. Looking at the midfielders who did move, are there any that we'd have wished for retrospectively? Sandro, Fernando, Colback, Besic, Medel, Song?

What do we think Wenger wants here? I've said it before, but I think Arteta is almost perfect. He is unfortunately not a naturally physical footballer, and his age is not a positive. In games though, he makes interceptions, is quick into the tackle from the back of a recieving player, has a strong competitive edge and drive, and in possession he is neat, clever and accurate. On the down side he struggles to dominate in the air, and is a liability once he is turned. Most of his game though suits what we want our style to be as I see it. He's always behind the play, giving options for forwards under pressure, and efficiently moving the ball on from a defensive area. Not many players around can add to Arteta's physical faults without taking away from his technical skills. I think in the end there just wasn't a good buy on the market.

Looking back on our frailties in our big losses last summer, the one thing I don't see mentioned enough is how awful our passing was. Possession conceded cheaply in really dangerous positions, which was punished clinically on the most part. Its accepted that Mertesacker and Arteta in particular are strongest when facing the play, and in these games reckless team play cost them position which exposed them. These are not bad players, but our team didn't play enough to its own strengths, and faultered too much on its weaknesses. We weren't good in these games, but we weren't helped by problems with injury and form higher up the pitch for sure. We've got the potential to become the best passing team in the country again this season, and if we can our worries about the size and shape of certain players will disappear I expect. We'll know a bit more after the game tomorrow, but even so I'm excited about our potential to improve all the way through till winter with this team. We've got a happy squad by all the evidence, and an ethos that shows faith in the players we've got, and those rising through the ranks. that's a delicate thing, and one we'd all miss immediately if it was eroded.

Finally, as its hard not to get involved; even if Wilshire doesn't become our best midfielder, he'd still be a superior squad player to what most teams could put out, and he's Arsenal through and through. How can it be bad?

Gunner Ned

1.) Well said :)

2.) Could have got your point across with 1 paragraph,
It took a you too long mate lol

3.) 13 Sep 2014 08:44:49
I agree - we need crisper passing and movement to create options plus attack with a little more venom
Arteta is great and I just want a CDM like him but younger and slightly more physical plus want him now to get bedded in for hen Arteta retires by rotating or partnering with Arteta this season

4.) You make a valid point GN. A DM has two key roles in a team. Firstly the tackling and defensive cover, but perhaps just as key is distribution, as the DM is the player with the responsibility of bringing the ball forward from the CD and starting each move. If the DM was a defensive Titan but who couldn't pass they would very quickly get exposed in the premiership and would start giving the ball away in some very dangerous areas. Looking at how Liverpool are using Gerrard it seems as perhaps managers want passing ability to be the main priority for their DM or base midfielder rather than tackling? Wenger perhaps also sees it this way which is why he is sticking with Arteta in this role?



02 Sep 2014 12:38:22
The instant reaction after the window closed was mostly rashly worded dissappointment and hate, but that's how these forums work out I guess. More balance and consideration in the posts to enjoy this morning thank biscuits.

I've decided that I'm excited about the Welbeck signing, and positive about what he can bring already, and the improvements he can make to his game given the chance. It's possible that he'll be played out of position and not find his feet, or that he'll not be a good player at all for Arsenal, but let's get upset about that when it happens surely?

I worry us supporters sometimes prioritise being right about our opinions on players, tactics, money over just enjoying being a football fan. Some of you on this page might have watched most of the games Welbeck has played for club and country, and respect if your negative opinion derives from such attention to the game! I can only say honestly that the few times I've watched him play 90 minutes, he's looked very useful. In our system of involving all the front players in the build up, I think he'll be strong and technical, and over Giroud he has a bit of pace for the quicker pass aswell. a lot of hate because we feel we want a blockbuster 30 goal striker, and he hasn't done that so far, but I definitely haven't seen him as the striker in a team yet, so I can't say. We could have spent a lot of money both in fees and wages bringing in Balotelli or Falcao, but there would still be unknowns about how they'd perform in the team wouldn't there? It seems that some are more concerned with the profile of the player over the likely job they could do for the team. Unless Balotelli (or whoever it may be) scored 30 plus goals this year to make up for the drop assists and team cohesion he wouldn't be worth it. After that its just a matter of faith, and supporting your team.

Some great debate about not signing another defender or a defensive midfielder, and I think the consensus is that everyone is worried about it! It is obvious we were in the market for both right up till the end of the window though, so who knows exactly went wrong. It seems likely that too much money being asked by the club, massive wage demands by the player, or unwillingness to commit to a squad position were the big reasons though (probably our top target though, Bender, just wants to stay at his club. Fair play!). I'm fairly relaxed if that is the case, but personally I enjoy the team building project. From recent windows I can think of a lot of clamour for M'vila, Yanga-Mbiwa, Diame, Parker off the top of my head. Hardly ever does the expectation match the performance. In the long run Wenger was correct to take the flack on these guys.

Anyway, I love reading the posts, good or bad. Hopefully in the end we all come here because we love our club, and are slightly addicted to football. let's leave the hate for something important in the world, enjoy watching our passing polish up, and get ready for January!

Gunner Ned

1.) 02 Sep 2014 13:08:27
Damn fine post Ned.



21 Aug 2014 02:19:30
Evening guys and girls, been enjoying some great debates on filling in the missing pieces of our squad jigsaw, thought I'd add my two pennies and see what comes back!

Seems pretty certain that Mr Wenger will be adding before the window shuts, at the right price obviously. At this stage I believe that only rules out £50-60 million for Pogba, or £200,000 a week for Khedira, or such like. He's proved to me he's ready to pay a fair price for the quality now. So, DM or Stiker, or both? (Seems to be we can assume a back up defender for under £10 mill, from what the media and this site suggest).

The DM chat is really interesting this summer, especially with a few games already played. My take is that we should consider harder what the role actually means for Arsenal, before getting too emotional about laying out the top prices. Case in point is £12 million for Fernando at Citeh. Would we have been happy with that during the summer, or after seeing his play in the first few games? Looks like a quality defender so far. Can't see how he wouldn't have been on Wenger's radar if he was looking for the powerful, tall, uncompromising holding midfielder? I also think back to a fit Fletcher covering for United to much acclaim a few seasons back. Stick him in our midfield, and would we moan about his limited passing and athleticism (my opinion), or praise that he gave everything in a game, and created a platform for others to shine? Is Cattermole a good player for Sunderland? Is there a difference depending on the level of club you play at?

I'd say that Arteta has been quality for us since he was moved into that anchor position. If he'd done it his whole career before he came, or not been unfortunately pushing his legs a bit after he did, I'd say he'd have defined the role for us. The job is different at each club, depending on coaching philosophy, or the balance of the midfield around them. It wouldn't hurt to buy someone with a bigger presence, or more pace, than the captain, but I'd not swap that to downgrade on first touch, accurate passing and squad influence. I'm not saying I know who to sign guys! No educated clue about a lot of the names about. If it came to it though, I'd not be too upset to rely on Arteta, and mature Chambers in his role as Wenger seems to see it, as long as excellent cover was brought in at central defence. Our game is strongest when winning the ball as a team, and keeping it off the opposition with passing and movement through the second third of the pitch. Personally I'd rather build on that, and keeping the team spirit strong. Shoot me down, but I believe we dropped off last season because our ball-playing spine collapsed through injury and loss of form. Granted that exposed that we can't fall back on solid, destructive play, but its really hard to have both without the stupid money of Chelsea or Citeh isn't it? Especially if you enjoy producing the stars from the youth like we do.

I'm looking forward to finding out how our attack will form up when Alexis finds his feet in the team (becoming the first choive forward as Ed 27 suggests?), The Ox gets his full fitness, and Ozil returns. Will we see Giroud as the impact sub, and cover for the forward role, rather than relying on him? That would change a lot about how we feel about his slow start to the season wouldn't it? I really rate Giroud, especially how he integrates the forward line, hardly anyone does that better. As an option rather than a reliance, I think he becomes exciting again! The big question for me is increasingly who occupies the left midfield/wing position. Not Cazorla anymore, he's wasted/ineffective and unmotivated, take your pick. He'll come alive again in the middle, if he's prepared to wait for his chances. Does Podolski finally click? Does Wenger see something big in Campbell, or The Ox there? Alexis has looked good when switched, though that may just be that he shows up how weak we've been there for ages too! I'd actually hope that when the transfer dominoes start again, Arsene has a coupe lined up for this role, and this is where the final money goes.

I think I've talked myself into the familiar path of Rues, Di Maria, Draxler etc! Also Robbie Gooner, I think I might finally concur with your persistant calls for '2 cbs'! Keep up the great work people and Ed's, this site is my daily read. Can't wait for the window to shut and the season to start in earnest!

Gunner Ned

1.) Cool! .

2.) Good post. I agree on much of that.
As ever it's squad depth for us. 2 games in and we have injuries already.
I've got a funny feeling we will wake up at Everton with our Germans back in the squad

3.) I like the point about the DM position here. Rumoured today is De Jong on loan. That would work - He sat in front of Citeh's defence and allowed the flair men to do their stuff in their title winning season. No fool on the ball either. Keeps budget to spend on a front man.

4.) The one thing I will always give wenger, even through his prudent years, he always looks for the greater good of the clubs, besides the likes of squillachi, bendtner, andre santos, chamakh, park chu young, who he did buy for nominal fees, if the papers are to be believed, when it comes to attracting the right quality of players, wheter it be Vermalen, Per, Kos, Chambers, santi, walcott, ox, ramsey, wilshere, rosicky, sczesny, and so on, basically he gets it right more often than wrong.

but I think in terms of DM position, he really wants the best there is for years to come. perhaps that player is lars bender, perhaps he just wants a one year fill in, or perhaps he will buy Carvalho or Khedira, only time will tell.

we are still missing key pieces, but adding Ozil and Alexis to an Improved Ramsey and the backline we have now, its already half the battle won.

2 players, CDM and CB from competing for league honors and a forward short in the mould of Reus to challenge on the continent.




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19 Jun 2019 13:18:08
I don't know how fair that is on Emery or not, but there's a number of young players looking nearer the first team than in ages. Holding would have been starting lots of games if not for his injury, Iwobi pushed on this season. Willock, Nketiah, Smith-Rowe all got pretty good game time. Maitland-Niles was trusted over Lichsteiner/ Mustafi for the majority of the season, although you can see there's not much choice there! AMN is a good example of what we should expect when playing youth though. Lots of promise in his good games, but his frankly shocking performance in the UEFA final is the flip side. I'm happy to accept it from a young player though, with the hope that they grow into a team and style that is well performing, but also allows room for some extra quality signings to fill the gaps.

Gunner Ned



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05 Oct 2018 11:55:05
Interesting points! It's easy to forget I think, how spoilt we were getting to watch the invincibles. That team could rinse the opposition on the break, could pass waiting for space to open, or press hard with strong players in and around the box. It was absolute magic, but it never seemed like a heavily coached formula. Wenger relied on enabling great players to express themselves, and thus on great defenders organising themselves. It'll take some getting used to a team being coached into a system again. It's totally necessary, as things had deteriorated into chaos under Arsenes last years, but it won't always be fluid or balanced as Emery learns and adjusts, and the players change their mindsets again. The high or deep line defence will become less of an issue hopefully, as slowly the team gets used to defending as a unit, not as separate entities.

Gunner Ned



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17 Sep 2018 16:44:21
Why would I assume, or care, if you hate him as a person? You state in abundance you hate him in the team, I don't understand all the defencivness and confusion. I basically replied that you'd totally mis-represented the use of vital in RG's post, and I think you don't comment sensibly on why Xhaka continues to get in the team. I never stated that Xhaka is our star player, I don't think it's in dispute he's been underwhelming. I definitely think he can be better, but may also need replacing. Also that if we change the balance of the midfield with the players we have available, then we'll need to adapt in other areas of the pitch to be creative or control possession. I suspect our wide forwards are not suited to the task.

Gunner Ned



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16 Sep 2018 15:40:22
It's so obvious that the 'vital' refers to that role in this system! Discuss if you think this system is correct, the midfield balance needs adjusting, no problem. If we need a player to move the ball though periods of possession, then he is clearly the best option in the squad, and thus gets picked. Not the best player in the team or whatever, as its boringly obvious you two hate him. Otherwise we fill our team up with box to box players who do a bit of everything, I'm not clever enough to know if that's better, but I'll trust Emery on this. Maybe Xhaka flourishes as the season grows, maybe we use the transfer market to improve on him, maybe we change the system. Keep discussing football RG, I enjoy it, even if I rarely contribute!

Gunner Ned

{Ed025's Note - you should a bit more ned..




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12 Oct 2019 10:53:12
Totally agree G62. We won't know how our team is really looking till December I don't think, but still, come May, the club will either be looking pretty, or looking for a new manager.

I'm enjoying this season so far, and I'll stay hopeful that we can have some success before it finishes, and have some memorable performances to look back on!

Gunner Ned



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12 Oct 2019 09:32:02
Nice one, I feel properly put in my place at last. I just didn't understand all your serious and well considered opinions, until you put them in the form of a child's tale! I guess I'll just have to carry on being a mug, and enjoy supporting the team when they play. It's certainly more entertaining than reading the constant garbage some of you are obsessed with getting validation from on here.

Looking forward to getting to watch a whole game Monday week, get this horrendous International window done with!

Gunner Ned



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24 Sep 2019 10:57:23
Pointing out that they play some of the same players, in defiance of your opinion, or that some results have been the same isn't particularly damming G62. They both coats when it's raining, but Emery is better at zipping them up, must mean Emery is different and better! Emery brings passion to his coaching that was depressingly lacking in Wenger's final years. He's removed the dull passing for its own sake that made us so stale, and we have a much more rounded and dynamic attack now. He's actually playing our promising youth to see if they can make it, rather than starving them till they stop progressing, or make a move to another club. Wenger insisted on dominating our transfer structure so that we had the yearly bemusement of bargain buys supporting another expensive midfielder, Emery at least doesn't do that, even if he has no proper say.

That's just off the top of my head. And Ed 47, who gives the opinion of the TV hacks and tabloid rats any opinion at all? As bad as the super agents for the game I think.

Gunner Ned

{Ed047's Note - Ned they are analysing our games on TV they are showing how woeful defensively we are mate, they are not making that up.

It’s a huge concern that we look worse at the back than ever.

That is pretty much the one MASSIVE thing we wanted to change, I love it that the young guns are getting their chance and the other positives you point out but that one negative is a biggy and frustrates the life out of me to be honest.



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24 Sep 2019 10:39:55
OK, I'll bite one more time. One of AMN, Luiz, or Kolasinac in a well drilled defence looks fine to me, as they aren't terrible players generally, but none of them are disciplined, or defensively strong, so together no, I think they are much worse. Simpson was an experienced right back, and made few mistakes. AMN is a midfielder in training who makes loads of mistakes. Doesn't matter which one is a 'better' player.

Leicester had a system that worked, and they stuck with it an entire season. For some reason nobody took it seriously until they were about to win the league. The same system was a disaster the next year without Kante and better plans to counter it. Sitting deep in defence and screening with 5 midfielders worked great with Huth and Morgan, perfect for them. Played to their strengths and made them into good defenders. My point in argument with you isn't that I think our defending is OK, but that you are making it out as easy to remedy, but offering no actual tactics or sensible points to back that up. I don't care if we play Xhaka, but I don't assume the reason he plays so much is because Emery is a stupid coach, and I know loads more.

How do we make our defence better? How do we do that, and not negatively affect our attack, or starve our strikers? Do we need different players again? Is it as simple as getting better defenders back from injury? Will it take more time and training to get the midfield covering better, or is that a lost cause?

If we keep getting good results till December using this system, will you change your mind again, or is this season pointless already? It's just too easy and rewarding to be a negative supporter, as you always about to be proven right in football. I'm too busy to watch the games, so I follow us by watching highlights and getting opinion on this site to fill in the gaps. It's been doing my head in reading on here the last few weeks, otherwise honestly, I don't care to win any arguments.

Gunner Ned



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24 Sep 2019 09:38:47
This 'Emery is the same as Wenger' argument is something you've created G62, I simply don't buy it.

Gunner Ned