18 Sep 2021 20:18:47
Ramsdale with another solid performance ??.

1.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 20:25:34
I didn't see the game Glen but I was watching final score and they showed the players after the final whistle, really impressed how Ramsdale lead the players in showing solidarity and togetherness immediately after the game.

{Ed014's Note - I’m going to need to be watching MOTD later.

2.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 20:43:59
Yes me too Ed014, I'm looking forward to seeing the highlights tonight mate, the nice thing about the highlights is you aren't forced to endure the dull performances but downside is you miss the excitement and adrenaline of live games on the good days.

There hasn't been much to miss in recent years but I'm open to being won back.

{Ed014's Note - it’ll be the first one I’ve watched so far this season mate.

I’ve actually only watched 2 games of football this season, Liverpool vs Milan and United vs Young Boys.

3.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 21:45:23
He done well G62. Good with his hands, commanding in the box, very good distribution and spurred the team on until the final whistle. Our final ball was our downfall today as it is so often at the moment. We had some good build up play and got into some perfect positions but ruined it at the end. Ramsdale though, solid performance ??.

4.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 22:04:23
Hopefully Arsenal will reignite both our passion for the game at some point soon Ed014 mate.

For me Arsenal are like a TV show you've watched your whole life and where once wouldn't miss an episode and couldn't wait for the next installment but slowly but surely the script plots storyline and actors have got worse and worse and worse and you finally stopped watching out of pure habit.

And while City Chelsea and Liverpool fans are enjoying Line of duty, game of thrones and other great TV we are being offered last of the summer wine reruns on yesterday chanel ?????.

{Ed014's Note - a perfect analogy ???

5.) 19 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 23:35:14
The Fox is back 62.

6.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 09:38:22
Oh yes she is SY mate, and looking good as ever ?.

7.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 09:43:23
Cheers Glen mate, I watched MOTD and yes Ramsdale looked good mate.

Hopefully he will prove a good edition, certainly like his attitude and leadership.

Got to say in the bits I saw Ben white didn't look that bad, apart from the awful back pass, but obviously even the best do them occasionally.

8.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 10:01:08
They all had solid games Gunner mate. White was singled out for the back pass but overall had a good game. Going forward was the issue.

9.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 10:36:44
I think Whites price tag and the clubs decision to spend 50m on a CB rather than on a CM player is going to be a burden Ben is going to have to unfairly carry with some fans Glen mate.

Arsenal decided to let Saliba go not Ben White and Arsenal also decided to spend 50m on a CB rather than a CMF player, it wasn't Ben's decision but Arsenal's.

I do think the lads going to get unfair criticism from some fans when in reality it's not actually Ben those fans are upset with.

10.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 12:24:49
I heard that Whits got bullied and not great in aerial battles. The rest of his game was good. Is that fair? Gabs was a beast by all accounts.

Goalie looked good on crosses and distribution from the back but I didn’t see how he was with actually playing from the back which was the concern. He looks like a more positive keeper than Leno but still early days

AMN played ok when he came on ??.

11.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 12:46:27
Obviously we've faced the 2 teams who are notorious for finding it difficult to score goals at premier league level so it's difficult to gage how impressive our defensive performances have really been against the weakest attacking threats.
But they have been ideal fixtures to rebuild confidence in and next Sunday will be an excellent opportunity to pass are more difficult test and win back some genuine credibility.

12.) 19 Sep 2021
19 Sep 2021 15:03:28
I'm pretty sure White won 4/ 4 ariel fuels yesterday. I might be wrong but I'm sure that's what I read. He had a good game overall.