18 May 2022 13:56:18
Just read an interesting fact.
If Norwich beat Spurs and Watford lose, Norwich are in line for an extra £2m. Is that enough of an incentive? ;)

1.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 17:34:16
I admire your determination and dedication to finding a reason to be optimistic even when it takes the James Webb telescope to find that reason for optimism Sally ????????.

I genuinely admire the way you shake off anything and everything negative that happens and instantly look for and find a positive somewhere somehow.

We should have an annual award for most positive poster, and if we did there would and could only ever be one nominee for that award.

I'd start writing your acceptance speech now if i was you Sally ??????.

2.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 18:07:41
Here-Here John

True lady.

3.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 18:08:17
Sally wins that no question, even though I don’t agree with some of her posts I love to see a different POV.

4.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 18:13:11
Not really guys, I saw someone post that and thought it was brilliant. I can't take any credit haha

I do love our young guns though and hope they recover quickly from their disappointment of the last 2 weeks :)

5.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 18:39:55
We could do an award for most grumpy poster

Ed014 and Banbury would be joint winners.

{Ed014's Note - I think Wilfred has been smashing it a fair bit too, in our defence, which like ours is very weak! ??

6.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 19:23:00
You may have borrowed the original post Sally but you still spread the optimism.

If I had spotted the original post I'd have immediately spotted an opportunity to sell the original poster some magic beans that would grow into a huge money tree within 1 year, for the bargain price of £1000.

There's the difference between us Sally, you spot the positive and an opportunity to lift morale where as I spot the opportunity for free holiday funded by some poor innocent person with an over active positive imagination ????.

7.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 20:47:35
Maybe just the difference between ladies and gentleman Gunner, ying and yang?

8.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 21:10:13
It's spurs Sally they have gone missing plenty of times when it matters, TBH spurs and Arsenal qualifying for the champions league is just making up the numbers as we are both decent at best.

9.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 21:13:08
You could well be right Sally, the Ying and the Yang, the sun and the moon, the rational and the totally irrational ? I'll let you decide which ones which ?????

I've got to go now though because my wife thinks we're having an affair due to the fact I ? lot when I share posts with you ????????.

10.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 20:39:22
It’s called realism Mal, eh Ed?

I threw my rose tinted glasses away during the Don Howe era.

{Ed014's Note - it sure is Ox!

11.) 18 May 2022
18 May 2022 22:28:36
Bouncer I don’t believe that

On our day we are as good as anyone.

12.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 00:02:29
Try and get your wife on here gunner, it would be nice to have another female perspective. If she likes football that is :)

13.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 00:10:20
Got to admit ed14.i do love a moan lol. don't even get me started on the xhaka comments after the game.

{Ed014's Note - I know mate, I’ve posted most of them!?

14.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 05:37:51
On our day?

I like you Mal but you really are a dreamer we are nowhere near as good as anyone - read you comment back mate . We are bang average I’m afraid I love Arsenal but see us for what we are …. at the moment.

{Ed014's Note - to be fair Ox we have put in a couple of performances with what you’d call our best 11 which would include Tierney, Partey and Tomiyasu where we’ve actually looked pretty good.

They are so few and far between though, which age of the squad has to be a factor and I think we should have comfortably secured 4th amongst the other shite sides (big six) below the top two.

None of the rest have impressed me all season, including Chelsea. We are just above bang average.

My worry is our manager and I’d swap him out for Potter in a heart beat.

15.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 07:10:13
If we do ever replace Arteta.
Potter would be my no 1 choice.

16.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 10:22:10
Any club is good on their day Malaga, we've beaten Manchester city twice this season and went to Liverpool and took points means nothing mate.

17.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 11:54:08
At the start of the season, I predicted we'd finish mid table. So for me, I'm actually on with finished 5th.

Having said that, some of the games we lost filled me with dread. We need more than a couple improvements across the squad. But first, sell that Tavares chap, !

18.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 06:58:54
Against who Ed? A poor Man U a very poor Chelsea side away that were also thumped at home 4-1 by Brentford . We are average without a doubt and if we don’t buck our ideas up this season will go down as a season we punched above our weight . The squad needs to be so much bigger in quality, the ridiculous sending offs have to stop, Arteta has to have a change in tactic .

{Ed014's Note - against City and half a game against Liverpool until Arteta gobbed off.

I’m not saying we’re class by any stretch but the players are better than Arteta and we’ve been hamstrung with no striker.

19.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 07:14:27
I also think you need to look at who we have lost to and that says everything I’m afraid, forget City and ‘pool but we’ve had some shockers

Yes ED totally agree my concern is with MA it was a big gamble IMO.

{Ed014's Note - mate I’m agreeing with you but think there’s more in the squad than Arteta is getting from them.

No where near challenging for titles I might add

20.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 13:22:07
Oh I agree Ed, Arteta isn’t the man to get them to the next level but he’s not going anywhere soon is he?

21.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 13:05:00
Ed14 I will try and reign back on the moaning next season then…but I’ve got one more them collars on the new shirt awful what they thinking lol.

{Ed014's Note - mate you can moan all you like, we’re all different!

22.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 13:25:02
Would potter be you're number 1 Ed he would be mine as like how Brighton play football.

{Ed014's Note - yes he would Stephen and I’m of the same opinion re their football.

He looks head and shoulders better than Arteta and would have been the one to take a gamble on.

The big factor is he knows the Premier League too and we’re not going to tempt a top manager away from a top club.

Sadly we’re stuck with MA.

23.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 15:19:50
Agree with you ed, we should of comfortably been 4th, but not by deserving it our selves, but just how terrible utd and spurs have been. Utd have had their worst season in decades, yet only 8 points behind us, just good coaching and tactics should be able to easily make up that gap.

Spurs have been dreadful, they lost to the lowest ranked side in Europe! Conte was throwning all his players under the bus and said it would be a miracle for them to get top 4, we've handed them that miracle.

Highly unlikely they will be as bad again, they've both got plenty of room for improvement. If 5th was us overachieving and punching above our weight, can we improve as much as those around us?

{Ed014's Note - again I agree, we were managing to get above most of a mediocre top 6 but still in reality failing miserably.

I don’t think Arteta as a manager will or can improve. We’re still not seeing a definitive style and how long has he been here.

Finishing 5th will impact on players coming in the summer and we get stuck again in the group of wannabes.

24.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 15:54:19
I think MA will have to step up next season to survive Ed014 mate, those 4 managers who've finished top 4 with their clubs this season are curently head and shoulders above all other premier league mangers and MA will not be challenging or overtaking any of them in the foreseeable future in my opinion, Artetas reach challenge next season is going to be holding off Hag and Howe and staying the EL places.

If MA and Arsenal fall behind in the race for 5th and the automatic place I think even these Arsenal owners will be forced to act.

{Ed014's Note - I don’t think he has it in him mate, he had a ton of stuff going for him this season to walk that team into 4th place and he’s failed and if by some miracle spurs fail at Norwich it won’t be Arteta’s achievement it’ll be spurs going all spursy!

25.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 18:31:46
For me Ed014 the absolutely worst thing that could happen to MA, Arsenal and us all would be for Spurs to bottle it against Norwich and us out bottle them by failing to beat Everton.

The last thing anyone needs is another bitter disappointment so soon after all the others.

{Ed014's Note - I said previously that we’d likely lose our last 3 and I’m standing by that but you wouldn’t put it past spurs to lose.

Arteta has already failed for me so the outcomes in that sense are irrelevant.

26.) 20 May 2022
20 May 2022 00:03:53
Ed, the thing about finishing 5th, is all those later years under Wenger, where we were fighting for the 4th place trophy season after season, our desperation to get 4th was always, if we don’t get in the Champions league we won’t get that striker, midfielder or whatever we need.

In the end we would get in, and not sign anyone decent anyway, or we just signed Chamakh or other losers anyway. Man Utd are also not in the CL, but something tells me they will still make big signings this summer.

Players will come if they believe the story, plus get payed a lot, and I think sadly, it is here we let ourselves down. We are a massive club, but being run poorly, by people who don’t understand either the game, or who they should appoint to run the club for them.

Players and agents who sit down with Kronke Junior and Edu will see that instantly. Compare us to a team like Bayern Munich, and it’s chalk and cheese, and until that is sorted, I think we will struggle to attract top talent.

{Ed014's Note - totally agree mate, we’re shockingly hapless in the transfer market, ed02 has told us so many times what an arse Edu is and particularly how he embarrassed himself in attempts to buy Aouar amongst others.

It’s so disappointing knowing what we could be and what we are.

Any slight hurdle that pops up in front of us as a club from top to bottom we seem to fall over with ease.

27.) 20 May 2022
20 May 2022 23:36:33
When you think we lost/ got rid of Minlistat, and were linked with Monchi, how much better position would we be today with those guys pulling the strings, even with the Kronke clowns above them.