30 Dec 2021 12:46:06
"Saka could be interested in Liverpool move" is not something I wanted to read today!

1.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 13:36:42
Look at who’s reporting it. It’s pure rubbish.

2.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 14:33:24
Put a £1 in a jar for every media football rumour you read between now and January 31st 2022,

Then on February 1st take £10 out of the jar for each and every rumour that actually happened and treat yourself to a holiday with allthe money you get back and then give all the remaining £1 coins in the jar to the politicians exownses top fund.

I guarantee you will be cured from ever being worried about or getting excited by anything you ever read or evet hear from the make pretend media ever again ????.

3.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 14:58:09
Phew that's alright then, it put me off my breakfast!

4.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 16:32:36
Why wouldn’t he be interested…. top Manager, great supporters, play great football and chance to win stuff. To think he’s not interested or that they are not interested in Saka, you must have your head up your ass, …. I think he will give us a couple of years but he only stays if we start winning. This will hopefully be an eye opener for the owners and Arteta that you only keep diamonds if you continually invest, play great football, decent wages and most importantly WIN SHXT.

5.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 16:34:33
We could have hit on a brilliant diet plan there Sally!

Only eat or drink something unhealthy on the days Sky the papers and talk rubbish get gosip right!

Mind you we will all end up doing an involuntary dry January ???.

6.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 17:21:13
I think the point Sally is making is about here and now SY mate and the possibility of losing Saka in January.

Which is why the rumours is so unbelievable.

{Ed014's Note - I think it’s safe to say every club will lose big players if you win nothing and also if you win something.

Big clubs lose big players too, Salah has yet to sign a new deal, Ronaldo left United. Kane is desperate to get away from Spurs.

Pointless stressing about this kind of thing. There’s always a bigger club or one that pays more money and or wins more trophies.

7.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 18:25:59
Sorry Sally - I wasn’t having a pop at you.

Ed I agree but not competing or winning does put your star players at risk more than if you are winning.

{Ed014's Note - absolutely SY and they’ll want action rather than words

8.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 19:15:02
Np Sy :) I love discussions with emotion v logic.

9.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 19:21:37
I totally agree Ed014, absolutely pointless stressing about something that may or may not possible happen at some point in one of many possible futures.

If we haven't learned how little we really know about the future over the last 2 years then we've learned nothing at all ????.

{Ed014's Note - ????

10.) 30 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 17:47:44
Difficult to disagree with any of those posts!

11.) 31 Dec 2021
30 Dec 2021 21:32:20
Do want to pull Ed014 up! You mention Big clubs and for some inexplicable reason mentioned Spurs in the same sentence! Shamefull ??COYG.

{Ed014's Note - OMG what was I thinking! I need to go and lie down ?‍♂️??